‘Writers in the Schools’ (WITS) is partnering with the GDRI team in the development of a traveling visual poetry exhibition and outreach materials to support WITS mission to engage children in the pleasure and power of reading and writing, which nurture their confidence and self-expression. WITS have taught literacy and facilitated storytelling—the foundation for education, connection, and community development—to 350 thousand children and teachers since it creation in 1983. Today, WITS continues to send professional authors into school classrooms through educational writing programs around Houston, TX.

WITS programs work with all children: those who live below and above the poverty line; immigrants; children hospitalized and families. Spreading the word of their work among the public is our main challenge. We want to share WITS students’ work as a way to support creative placemaking and expand the access of their programs, through a public exhibition that features poems from students employing expressive typography and concrete poetry, as a way to highlight the writer’s feelings and intention. This exhibition will be flexible, light, and easy to reproduce in different settings. We also expect to design a series of printed materials, including a catalog and postcards

Our project is currently featured in the social design site, Design Ignites Change. Let us know if you would like to donate to our project, here.