This storybook reflects the work and activities developed in the context of “Open the Door,” a city-wide art project, carried out in 2012 and 2013 by the TFAA. This art project consisted on the production and painting of 60 full size doors distributed along a “creative trail” around the city of Houston, aiming to reflect on life opportunities, dreaming, and vision of life. The book not only serves to the need of telling the story of the project. It also works as a wonderful tool for the TFAA to attract funding for upcoming art projects in the greater Houston area, as well as gaining public recognition and building more extensive partnerships with the public and private sectors in Texas.

For the design of this storybook, GDRI designers employed a series of visual storytelling methods and design research practices, including extensive interviews of participants. The book uses photoessays, excerpts of testimonies, color coding, mapping, collaging, and illustration to support the visual narrative of the “Open the Door” project. The final product is a 150-page books with a unique visual appeal.


In March 2015, the GDRI team gained regional recognition with this project after been selected second place finalist in the Book Design Category of the Houston Design Awards 2015. The book was on display at the exhibition Design Now:Houston at the Printing Museum until July 2015. Along with a representative of the TFAA, the GDRI team celebrated the reach and impact achieved with the design of the book.